Monday, September 15, 2014

Surge is back! 15 September 2014.

I swear, I never thought this day would come. I've been following the Surge Movement for the past several years and admired their tenacity in campaigning for the return of Surge. But I didn't believe Coca Cola would recognize a grassroots movement. I was wrong.
Today, a listing on showed up to confirm that Coca Cola is indeed bringing back Surge. 90's kids rejoice! Now in 16oz cans, it'll run you 14$ for a 12 pack. Amazon says, "The same great taste from the 1990s is back, now in a larger 16-ounce can. SURGE is the bolder citrus soda that fuels a familiar rush from back in the day. Available exclusively on Amazon." So get in on it while it's here - who knows how long it'll stay around.

Because we all know the best parts of the 90's. WCW and Surge.


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