Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Under The Table And Dreaming vinyl coming 11/24/14! 30 September 2014.

We knew this day was coming, but weren't sure when. A listing at elusivedisc.com confirms it - November 24th, 2014 is the official release date! It's marked at $39.99 and the listing is pretty vague about source information and bonus material, so for now it basically just says it's coming.  We found out about R2T on April 24th, and Live Trax 30 was announced on May 7th about 13 days later. I'm hoping with UTTAD we see LT32 as a 1994 themed Live Trax release. I'm sure once the Warehouse adds their information they'll include info on the CD re-release as well as any bonus material that will come with it.  Will update this post as we receive more information!

From their listing: 

"Coming November 24, 2014 pre-order your copy today! Orders with both pre-order and in stock items will have all in stock items shipped immediately!

This item not eligible for any further discount offers!

Vinyl Reissue of 1994 Debut Album!

Under the Table and Dreaming was the 1994 debut album from the Dave Matthews Band. The album contains the single "What Would You Say", which features Blues Travelers' John Popper on harmonica. Two other singles from the album are "Ants Marching" and "Satellite".

• Vinyl LP

1. The Best of What's Around
2. What Would You Say
3. Satellite
4. Rhyme & Reason
5. Typical Situation
6. Dancing Nancies
7. Ants Marching
8. Lover Lay Down
9. Jimi Thing
10. Warehouse
11. Pay For What You Get
12. #34"

UPDATE 9 October 2014
The DMB Store opened their UTTAD Reissue section today, which contained info on the mastering/source material, though not who did it or where it was pressed. But via the store listing for UTTAD, we now know it was mastered from the original flat analog tapes and will be pressed to 180 gram vinyl. We also know there were new lacquers, which were cut by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman. The package will also include a download card and an 8 page booklet with previously unreleased photos of the band. We also now know the track list, and that the bonus tracks will not be on the actual vinyl itself.

The listing also says that Dancing Nancies and The Song That Jane Likes are previously unreleased studio tracks, so I'm assuming that means these are things we have not heard before and not from the Rutabaga Sessions/Quad City demos as I theorized recently.  Very exciting news!

Track List

Side A
1. The Best Of What’s Around
2. What Would You Say
3. Satellite

Side B
4. Rhyme & Reason
5. Typical Situation
6. Dancing Nancies

Side C
7. Ants Marching
8. Lover Lay Down
9. Jimi Thing

Side D
10. Warehouse
11. Pay For What You Get
12. #34

(included as part of download with card)
Granny (unreleased studio track)
Dancing Nancies (Acoustic) (unreleased studio track)
The Song That Jane Likes (Acoustic) (unreleased studio track)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dave Matthews Band - Recently - RSD BF 2014 Release! 24 September 2014

I am celebrating another win this month. After campaigning for the 20th Anniversary of Clerks Soundtrack to be released on vinyl, ShopRadioCast announced that they would be releasing it this year. Also, back in June, I began campaigning to get the Dave Matthews Band EP, "Recently", released for Record Store Day Black Friday 2014. I found out today we won another victory, and this is confirmed as being released for RSD BF 2014!  I am very excited that DMB Management listened to the people and put this forward as the next release to follow Recently, which also gets us ready for the UTTAD Vinyl Release, presumably coming next.  I'm not sure how many are being pressed, but I'm going to assume it's a limited release.
I'm not sure if they'll use my concept art or not, but I'm hoping they go with the pumpkin cover.  This is the artwork I made in June when I started pushing for this to be the next RSD BF 2014 release from DMB.

I want to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped with this - lots of people shared my tweets and posts, or emailed management about this - thanks to everyone who worked together to help make this happen!

Updated 29 September 2014:  We have the track list courtesy of our friends at Wax Poetic, and I'm beyond pumped they're doing this.

Dave Matthews Band Recently 2x10" - Double 10" Vinyl

LP 1--Recently EP

Side A

Dancing Nancies

Side B

All Along the Watchtower

LP2--Pumpkin Recently Promo

Side A

Recently (Radio Edit)
Ants Marching (Radio Edit)

Side B

Tripping Billies (Remember Two Thing Radio Edit)
The Song That Jane Likes (Radio Edit)

Updated 20 October 2014: According to Record Store Day, this will be the album art for the RSDBF release of Recently. It's also listed as a "RSD First Release", meaning we'll see a second pressing elsewhere later on, presumably the Warehouse. I'm assuming this means the WH pressing will be no different from the RSDBF pressing other than the fact that the RSDBF release will be hand numbered.  Also, according th the press release, there will be 4,000 pressed - so much more easy to find than the last RSD releases.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bryan Cranston in One Man Post-Season MLB Show. 16 September 2014.

This is fantastic.  I swear, there isn't a role I've seen Bryan Cranston in that didn't impress me in some way.  This is no exception, it's not typical of his usual work - but still just as entertaining.  This man can act.  

Horton And The Kwuggerbug - Dr. Seuss. 16 September 2014.

I grew up on Dr. Seuss books. I found his books wonderful in terms of the artwork, the story, and his language style. I recently found out that a few days ago a "new" Dr. Seuss book came out, " Horton and the Kwuggerbug and more Lost Stories".   These stories originally appeared in Redbook in the 1950's.  These books contain stories featuring Horton, the Grinch and Marco - the first Dr. Seuss children's book character who made his debut in 1937.  Marco visits a popular Seuss locale, Mulberry Street.

I look forward to picking this up - not just so I can read it to my daughter, but so I can be 5 years old again and experience some Seuss tales for the very first time.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Surge is back! 15 September 2014.

I swear, I never thought this day would come. I've been following the Surge Movement for the past several years and admired their tenacity in campaigning for the return of Surge. But I didn't believe Coca Cola would recognize a grassroots movement. I was wrong.
Today, a listing on Amazon.com showed up to confirm that Coca Cola is indeed bringing back Surge. 90's kids rejoice! Now in 16oz cans, it'll run you 14$ for a 12 pack. Amazon says, "The same great taste from the 1990s is back, now in a larger 16-ounce can. SURGE is the bolder citrus soda that fuels a familiar rush from back in the day. Available exclusively on Amazon." So get in on it while it's here - who knows how long it'll stay around.

Because we all know the best parts of the 90's. WCW and Surge.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Clerks Soundtrack - FINALLY coming to vinyl! 4 September 2014.

In early April of this year, I started tweeting Kevin Smith and attempting to raise awareness for a vinyl release of the Clerks soundtrack for the 20th anniversary of the film, which falls in 2014. I started a petition on April 18th, and had hoped for the best, but was unsure if anything would happen.
I found out today that ShopRadioCast is releasing the Clerks Soundtrack in time for the 20th anniversary. I don't wanna say that it's because of my campaign, but I would like to think I had a part in it. This is set to be released November 11th, 2014 (the original soundtrack was released October 11th, 1994) and the film was released October 19th, 1994.  Preorders are up now at ShopRadioCast.com.

This release is coming in two variants.  500 black and white copies will be pressed (A/B on black and C/D on white), and 1,500 clear with black smoke will be pressed as well.  Both variants a throwback to the fact that the film was shot in black and white.  There will also be an etching on side D. 

Details from ShopRadioCast:

Vinyl Details:

- Available on vinyl for the first time.
- Mastered for vinyl and lacquers created by Stan Ricker
- Gatefold Jacket and D Side etching

Vinyl Color: Side A/B White, C/D Black (LTD 500, SRC Exclusive) Clear with Black Smoke (LTD 1,500)

Track Listing

A1 Dialogue - Dante's Lament
A2 Love Among Freaks - Clerks
A3 Girls Against Boys - Kill The Sex Player
A4 Dialogue - No Time For Love, Dr. Jones
A5 Alice In Chains - Got Me Wrong
A6 Dialogue - Randal & Dante On Sex
A7 Bash & Pop - Making Me Sick

B1 Dialogue - A Bunch Of Muppets
B2 Supernova - Chewbacca
B3 The Jesus Lizard - Panic In Cicero
B4 Golden Smog - Shooting Star
B5 Bad Religion - Leaders And Followers
B6 Dialogue - I Like To Expand My Horizons

C1 Stabbing Westward - Violent Mood Swings (Thread Mix)
C2 Love Among Freaks - Berserker
C3 Corrosion Of Conformity - Big Problems
C4 Seaweed - Go Your Own Way
C5 Dialogue - Social Event Of The Season
C6 Soul Asylum - Can't Even Tell
C7 Dialogue - Jay's Chant