Monday, June 23, 2014

RSD BF Wish List: Dave Matthews Band - Recently EP 10" Vinyl. 23 June 2014.

First, a little history. Remember Two Things, which we just saw released on vinyl for the first time, was released on November 9th, 1993. This album was a mix of live and studio work. The Recently EP came on May 17th, 1994. The original “promo cover” of Recently, now referred to as “Pumpkin Recently” featured a man holding a pumpkin and a partially exposed breast. The later release was different and didn’t include the pumpkin or the breast. A few months later, DMB’s first studio album, Under The Table And Dreaming, was released on September 27th, 1994. 

With UTTAD coming on vinyl, presumably by the end of the year for the 20th Anniversary, that begs for Recently to see a release. It could be in a bundle with UTTAD, but I think the best option is to see it released on Record Store Day/Black Friday. I’m hoping management recognizes this and makes this happen.  And I think the pumpkin cover would be a nice throwback, as well.  I enjoy the Live Trax series as much as anyone, but I think this year would be a great year to take advantage of an opportunity to see Recently released on vinyl.  

If you'd like to see this happen, help get the word out!

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