Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Live Trax 30: The Muse. 8/16/93-8/18/93. 6 May 2014.

It's not public yet, but I was able to find the pre-order page for Live Trax 30. The pre-order page says, "The latest Live Trax series installment is drawn from three August '93 shows at The Muse on Nantucket Island. Around this time, the band was starting to multitrack a handful of their live shows with the hope of using the material to create their first album, Remember Two Things (11/9/93). None of the material on this Live Trax release has been released until now!

The band recorded portions of the three night run at The Muse. However, technical issues prevented the band from capturing all three shows in their entirety. What has been mixed and mastered is representative of a relatively new band bringing its increasingly potent live show to a new brand of listener. It’s easy to imagine the band writing and performing all summer on the island as you listen to spot-on renditions of songs that are now classics.

This compilation of The Muse shows has it all - from the first notes of Satellite to the last notes of the raging Halloween encore. Lie In Our Graves features LeRoi’s screaming sax solo; Pay For What You Get takes us back to the song’s roots as a Dave and Carter duo. Minarets>Blue Water is a powerful pairing that doesn’t exist much of anywhere in its full form. Hearing the segue here in this environment is a real treat.

Live Trax 30 is a perfect companion to the reissue of Remember Two Things and takes the listener to a certain place and sound in DMB history. There couldn’t be a more comprehensive picture of what it was to witness the band at this time.

Please note - this item is available for pre-order and will ship on or around June 13, 2014."


Disc 1

1. Satellite (8.16.1993)
2. Ants Marching (8.18.1993)
3. Lie In Our Graves (8.18.1993)
4. Granny (8.17.1993)
5. One Sweet World (8.17.1993)
6. Song That Jane Likes (8.17.1993)
7. Warehouse (8.18.1993)
8. Recently (8.17.1993)
9. Best of What's Around (8.16.1993)
10. Pay For What You Get (8.17.1993)

Disc 2

1. Tripping Billies (8.18.1993)
2. Help Myself (8.17.1993)
3. Typical Situation (8.18.1993)
4. Minarets (8.17.1993)
5. Blue Water (8.18.1993)
6. True Reflections (8.18.1993)
7. Dancing Nancies (8.16.1993)
8. Two Step (8.18.1993)
9. Halloween (8.17.1993)

Here's the pre-order page and bundles with the R2T vinyl - pre-order/bundles.

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