Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - Live in New Orleans - Next Live Release? 26 April 2014.

Early this year, Dave and Tim performed two great nights of music at the Saenger Theater in New Orleans. Granted, Night 1 wasn't quite as good as Night 2, and the crowds were utterly horrible, but it was a great experience. With all the cameras around the venue, word quickly began circulating and the rumor mill began churning that we would see a live release (either Live Trax or "in store") of this show.
A few months back, I found this Dave & Tim shirt image hidden in some Warehouse code. This was an item not available at the show and came right after the D&T show. Granted, this could mean anything, but it was rather suspect.
Today, I found this Dave and Tim messenger bag hidden in some code.  This bag was the "VIP Gift" at the show.  It being randomly added to the WH store today in hidden code makes it seem like this will be part of a combo/bundle if/when this sees an official release.  Will it happen? That remains to be seen. But signs are beginning to point to yes.  I certainly hope so, Night 2 was a great show, and would make a great release, but I certainly wouldn't turn down both nights being released! In case you missed either show, here's all my videos from both nights. And below is the full show of Night 2 from Copperpot's YouTube.  

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  1. Great work as always, Chad! I am definitely hoping at least a N2 release is on its way.