Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dave Matthews Band - Live Trax 29 - Review. 15 April 2014.

Great mix on this release for sure. Dave’s vocals a little high at some points, but other than that the levels are on point.

Dancing Nancies>Warehouse is a great way to open a show. The crowd’s energy was fantastic. Both songs are solid and Boyd isn’t skreeing it up, he’s actually playing pretty well.

Idea of You sounds beautiful, the horns are great, and Tim is taking it easy, this song would make such a great single.

Glad to have a release of BBN, Jeff rips the solo, and glad to finally be able to hear Boyd in the mix.

Save Me sounds much better from it’s last release, the band has definitely improved on playing this in the full band environment. Boyd even sounds good (starting at the 2:00 mark) on it.

Captain is tied with Pig for my favorite DMB song and I’m glad a 2013 Captain got a release. Dave seems to strain a little in the chorus, but overall not bad instrumentally.

Seven, meh.

Love the break in Gaucho with Rashawn playing, then Carter comes in, then Dave, and Tim in the background then Jeff, really like what the band is doing with this song.

Rooftop flat out rocks, glad to have a release of this one with the new 2013 break.

Crush sounds great. It’s one of few songs that I’ll actually say I like the way they play it now vs the way they used to play it, the outdo has become my favorite part of Crush, it’s such a great jam. Live Trax 27 had a 2010 version of it, so I’m stoked to have a newer version that that.

I was lucky enough to get Say Goodbye in Austin last year. When Carter started playing I was like “Please God, don’t be Spaceman”. I’m sure this crowd was the same way. I like songs like this that show the more mellow side of Jeff Coffin, his work in the intro is fantastic.

BEF>Bartender is one of the greatest things this band does, period. At the 7:30 minute when things slow down, Boyd sounds great. Jeff’s solo is beautiful, and Tim’s playing in the outro is great, it’s awesome whenever he plays mellow, he’s such a talented guitarist, it’s nice when he remembers he doesn’t have to melt faces. The “If I Only Had A Brain” going into Tim jamming is awesome, probably my favorite part of this version.

I’m “meh” on Kill The Preacher, I wish it had stuck with the lyrics from the Mansfield Jam, this song seems like one that has a hard time figuring out what it’s about.

The tempo on Why I Am is great, it’s not in your face loud or fast as it has been in past releases, it’s nice they slowed that down.

Recently is fantastic. Tim isn’t going too hard on it, the horns sound great, and so does Boyd. At 6:45, the girl singing “and they just ignore”  Wow, horrible.

I was hoping a 2013 Oh would see a release, I think that song fit so well in the E1 spot in the 2013 Summer Tour.

SMTS>ATSB>Ants is just awesome. That 14 minute run is great, love the Too Much (fake)>Ants.

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