Sunday, April 20, 2014

A history of Dave Matthews Band on vinyl - Part 2. 20 April 2014

If you read my recent post, A history of Dave Matthews Band on vinyl, I did an article with a lot of info on DMB vinyl releases. I had a few people ask me for a second article, this one covering any appearance of DMB, Dave Matthews, or Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds on vinyl. This will cover guest appearances on other musicians albums that were released to vinyl.  So here goes, starting in 1995 and going up through 2014 - the various appearances of Dave Matthews/DMB/Dave & Tim on vinyl.  Enjoy!

Various - The Next Generation (1995)
Song: Ants Marching (Dave Matthews Band)
(Album Info on

Rolling Stones - No Security (Live) (1998)
Song: Memory Motel (w/ Dave Matthews)
(Album Info on

Santana - Supernatural (1999)
Song: Love of My Life (w/ Dave Matthews and Carter Beauford)
(Album Info on

Chris Whitley - Rocket House (2001)
Song: Radar (w/ Dave Matthews)
(Album Info on

Dave Matthews Band - When The World Ends (Oakenfold Remix) (2003)
Song: When The World Ends
(Album Info on

Mike Doughty - Haughty Melodic (2005)
Tremendous Brunettes (w/ Dave Matthews)
(Album Info on

Jurassic 5 - Work It Out / In The House (2006)
Song: Work It Out (w/ Dave Matthews Band)
White Cover - (Album Info on
Black Cover - (Album Info on

Herbie Hancock - The Imagine Project (2010)
Song: Tomorrow Never Knows (w/ Dave Matthews)
(Album Info on

Various - Live At The World Cafe (20th Anniversary) (2011)
Song: Ants Marching (Dave Matthews Band)
(Album Info on

Jack Johnson - Best Of Kokua Festival (Live) (2012)
Song: A Pirate Looks at Forty (Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds)
(Album Info on

Jimmy Fallon - Blow Your Pants Off (2012)
Song: Walk Of Shame (w/ Dave Matthews)
(Album Info on

Government Mule - Shout (2013)
Song: Forsaken Savior (w/ Dave Matthews)
(Album Info on

Various - The Music Is You: A Tribute To John Denver (2013)
Song: Take Me To Tomorrow (Dave Matthews Solo)
(Album Info on

ONXRT: Live from the Archives, Volume 15 (RSD 2014)
Song: Gravedigger (Dave Matthews Band, Chicago Caravan 2011)
(Album info via this blog)

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