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My must buys for Record Store Day 2014. 1 March 2014.

Dave Matthews Band - Live Trax 4.  (This is my own concept art I drafted up, this isn't official art).  Though it hasn't been officially announced yet, we know it's coming. What we do know is that it will have a bigger number pressed this year, estimates put it closer to 2,000 this year. Hopefully this will stop the record flippers on eBay who buy this just to profit on it and allow it to get into the hands of fans, instead. Unsure of what the color will be, but as it usually goes with the color of the text bar on the cover, I'm guessing maybe tan.  Hopefully the mastering will be close to the same as Live Trax 1-3 have already seen, as this is a great album. 4/30/96 at the Classic Amphitheater in Henrico, VA was the first show of the Crash Tour, and the "Crash Release Show". It was also the first show with the band using the sound system they inherited from Grateful Dead, and the first show to introduce Multi Track Recording.  From the Two Step opener to the four song encore, this is definitely going to be a strong release.

BCR is getting pretty creative for Record Store Day 2014. Not only are they releasing an experimental, industrial album of early Shooter Jennings material featuring his father, Waylon Jennings ("Fenixon"), they're releasing something pretty out there that, I must admit, I have to own. "Understanding and Appreciating Classical Music with Ron Jeremy" is coming for 2014's Record Store Day and BCR describes it as, "I bet you didn’t realize that actor Ron Jeremy, well known for his work in certain “underground” films, played the harmonica and was a classical trained pianist did you? This 7″ record finds Ron Jeremy sitting at the piano, discussing and performing classical music as well as mixing in his own sense of humor into the record. Laced with his own sense of blue humor, this is a journey into the mind of Ron Jeremy and into the history of classical music and it’s influence on modern music. Printed on beautiful gold vinyl with packaging designed by Keith Neltner."

As I mentioned above, an experimental album with Waylon & Shooter Jennings called "Fenixon" is also coming for Record Store Day 2014. BCR describes it as, "Waylon Jennings has always been known for his disregard of mainstream pop music and fearlessness when it came to breaking new ground, but with “Fenixon” Waylon’s body of work will receive a brand new facet! In 1995, Waylon and his then-sixteen-year-old-son Shooter Jennings constructed an album that blended the music and influences the father, and the modern musical tastes and influences of his son. Composed mostly by Shooter himself, “Fenixon” includes originals, as well as covers of some of the elder Jennings’ catalog of music, and some unexpected covers as well! This was the only time the two collaborated together, and for the first time the album will be released in it’s entirety on beautifully white vinyl, with beautiful packaging and illustrations by Keith Neltner. Listeners by warned: This is an Industrial type album and is not intended for older Waylon fans who may be expecting a country album. This is the most experimental Waylon ever got in his career and hopefully will who a side of his fearlessness previously left unturned. This is a BCR Los Angeles release." I listened to a lot of Waylon growing up, mainly because my dad was so into it, and I've always been a Shooter fan. This album just sounds like the right mix of uniqueness to make it one of my favorites of 2014.

Oasis, on the heels of re-releasing "Definitely Maybe", is also adding a RSD 2014 release, "Supersonic", a 12" single. The original 1994 UK Supersonic 12" single had the following tracklisting: Supersonic, Take Me Away and I Will Believe (Live). This is the art from that release, who knows if it'll change or what the final tracklisting will be. But this is something I'm definitely interested in owning.
The Dresden Dolls self titled release from 2003 (2004 when they signed to Roadrunner) has never been pressed to vinyl until now, and a release for RSD 2014 has been announced as well, which I'm quite excited about. Amanda Palmer is insanely talented, and this album was a great showcase of her early work.
For the 20th anniversary of "Far Beyond Driven", Pantera is re-releasing this on vinyl for Record Store Day. This is probably one of my favorite Pantera albums, and one I'm really looking forward to owning. added this recently to their RSD 2014 list. They say, “Limited, numbered edition of 3,000 copies. RSD exclusive, pressed on blue vinyl. Johnny Cash’s debut album and the first ever LP release from Sun Records.” I'm a huge JC fan, so this is definitely on my must have list.
This isn't the actual artwork, just something I made up real quick. has added some info about this upcoming release that I'm quite excited about! "This limited edition compilation LP was curated from the classic Sun Records catalog by participating Record Store Day stores. It features songs from notable artists like Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, and Howlin Wolf. As a Record Store Day 2014 exclusive, it’s limited to 4,000 copies worldwide." 

The track list looks like this: 

SIDE A: Carl Perkins Blue Suede Shoes 
The Kirby Sisters Red Velvet 
Willie Nix Baker Shop Boogie 
Roy Orbison Ooby Dooby 
Howlin’ Wolf Oh Red 
Malcom Yelvington Drinkin’ Wine Spodee O Dee 
Charlie Rich Who Will the Next Fool Be 

SIDE B: Jerry Lee Lewis Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On 
Rufus Thomas Bear Cat 
Big Memphis Marainey Call Me Anything, But Call Me 
Little Junior’s Blue Flames Feelin’ Good 
Billy Lee Riley Red Hot 
Sonny Burgess Red Headed Woman 
Brother James Anderson I’m Tired My Soul Needs Restin

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