Monday, March 31, 2014

New Wu Tang Clan Album - "A Better Tomorrow" - Up for pre-order. 31 March 2014.

At the Wu Tang Store, the new album, "A Better Tomorrow", is up for pre-order for $16.99. The description says, " The long awaited 20th anniversary album by Wu-Tang Clan is in the works and almost ready to ship. Be the first to order it!" So it's not quite ready yet, but should be soon.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Hot Topic releasing Disney Picture Discs. 28 March 2014.

I've been trying to get my seven year old daughter into vinyl, and I think this may be the trick. Don't get me wrong, she loves putting the record on and dropping the needle, "Daddy, let me do it!", but this may be what it takes to get her into her own little vinyl collection. Hot Topic is going to be handling this, the first two releases will be The Lion King and The Little Mermaid. Release dates are (tentatively) scheduled for 29 April 2014 for purchase at Hot Topic and 6 May 2014 for online purchase.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Surprise! A new Wolfmother album - "New Crown". 24 March 2014.

I had no idea this album was coming, but Wolfmother dropped their new "New Crown" album on Bandcamp yesterday on 23 March 2014. I was bummed when they broke up in 2013, though I loved Andrew Stockdale's solo stuff, I was still holding out hope for a new 'Mother album.  This new album rocks, the band is tight, and the songs are full on rockers. 

No news on if a vinyl release of this is coming yet, but I hope it does.  I'll update this post if that happens.

The track listing goes as follows:

'How Many Times'
'Enemy Is In Your Mind'
'Heavy Weight'
'New Crown'
'Tall Ships'
'"I Ain't Got No"'
'She Got It '
'My Tangerine Dream'

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Three Rolling Stones Reissues in 2014. 22 March 2014.

Abkco Records is releasing three more Rolling Stones albums in it's reissue campaign, titled "The Rolling Stones Clearly Classic". These albums are being pressed on 180 gram clear vinyl with a planned release date of May 6th. I'm not sure who's handling the mastering, but the press release says, "meticulously mastered from high-resolution audio files sourced from the original master tapes, assuring optimal sound quality that exceeds both conventional CD audio and digital downloads". Last year saw the release of ‘Beggars Banquet,’ ‘Let It Bleed’ and ‘Hot Rocks 1964-1971′. This year will see three more releases.

12 x 5 was released in 1964 and is the second American album from the Stones.

1. Around and Around
2. Confessin' the Blues
3. Empty Heart
4. Time Is on My Side
5. Good Times, Bad Times
6. It's All over Now
7. 2120 South Michigan Avenue
8. Under the Boardwalk
9. Congradulations
10. Grown up Wrong
11. If You Need Me
12. Susie Q

Through The Past Darkly, Big Hits Volume 2 is the Stones second official compilation album, released in 1969.

1. Paint It, Black
2. Ruby Tuesday
3. She's a Rainbow
4. Jumpin' Jack Flash
5. Mother's Little Helper
6. Let's Spend the Night Together
7. Honky Tonk Women
8. Dandelion
9. 2000 Light Years from Home
10. Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby Standing in the Shadow?
11. Street Fighting Man

And lastly, Get Yer Ya Ya's Out, released in 1970. This one was recorded in New York and Maryland in November 1969. It is the first live album to reach number 1 in the UK. 

1. Jumpin' Jack Flash
2. Carol
3. Stray Cat Blues
4. Love In Vain
5. Midnight Rambler
6. Sympathy For The Devil
7. Live With Me
8. Little Queenie
9. Honky Tonk Women
10. Street Fighting Man

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Peanuts - Movie Trailer! 19 March 2014.

To say I'm excited about this would be an understatement. Other than Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts was one of my favorite forms of comic strip based entertainment when I was a kid. I'm honestly surprised it took them this long to make this happen.

Fox says, "For the first time ever, Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the gang we know and love from Charles Schulz's timeless "Peanuts" comic strip will be making their big-screen debut; like they've never been seen before in a CG-Animated Feature film in 3D." 

The website is I'll embed the trailer in the bottom of this blog post. Look for Peanuts to come in 2015!


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sun Records - Curated By Record Store Day Volume 1 2014. 18 March 2014.

The artwork is officially in, and I couldn't be more excited for this release, it's a solid compilation!

"This limited edition compilation LP was curated from the classic Sun Records catalog by participating Record Store Day stores. It features songs from notable artists like Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, and Howlin Wolf. As a Record Store Day 2014 exclusive, it’s limited to 4,000 copies worldwide."
The track list looks like this:

Carl Perkins Blue Suede Shoes
The Kirby Sisters Red Velvet
Willie Nix Baker Shop Boogie
Roy Orbison Ooby Dooby
Howlin’ Wolf Oh Red
Malcom Yelvington Drinkin’ Wine Spodee O Dee
Charlie Rich Who Will the Next Fool Be

SIDE B: Jerry Lee Lewis Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On
Rufus Thomas Bear Cat
Big Memphis Marainey Call Me Anything, But Call Me
Little Junior’s Blue Flames Feelin’ Good
Billy Lee Riley Red Hot
Sonny Burgess Red Headed Woman
Brother James Anderson I’m Tired My Soul Needs Restin

Wu-Tang - 36 Chambers Vinyl Reissue from Newbury Comics. 18 March 2014.

From Newbury Comics: " Pre-order the album Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers by The Wu-Tang Clan on Yellow & Black Swirl Vinyl. This exclusive pressing from Newbury Comics and Legacy Records is limited* to only 1000 pieces with foil stamp numbering. This special offer is valid for domestic and international orders. This pre-ordered vinyl exclusive is limited to (5) per customer and will be available while supplies last. will post information when this item is sold out."

I already have my preorder in for this one, I couldn't be more excited. I was a big Wu-Tang fan back in the 90's, and look forward to remembering those days when I drop the needle on this one!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Dumb & Dumber Soundtrack - First Vinyl Pressing. 17 March 2014

ShopRadioCast has the Dumb and Dumber Vinyl soundtrack landing page up - the pre-order begins Wednesday March 19 at 1 pm EST with a May 20, 2014 release date.

Vinyl Details:
 - Gatefold Jacket, 11 x 11 Insert
- Surprise D Side Etching
- Lacquers cut by By The Famous Stan Ricker
- Vinyl Color: 180 Gram Blue LTD 500 (SRC Exclusive), 180 Gram Red LTD 500 (Retail Exclusive) and 180 Gram White 

Track Listing

A1 Crash Test Dummies - The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead
A2 Deadeye Dick- New Age Girl
A3 Echobelly - Insomniac
A4 Pete Droge - If You Don't Love Me (I'll Kill Myself)

B1 The Primitives - Crash (The '95 Mix)
B2 Willi One Blood - Whiney, Whiney (What Really Drives Me Crazy)
B3 Gigolo Aunts - Where I Find My Heaven
B4 Butthole Surfers - Hurdy Gurdy Man

C1 The Sons - Too Much Of A Good Thing
C2 Green Jelly - The Bear Song
C3 The Lupins -Take
C4 Deee-Lite - You Sexy Thing
C5 The Proclaimers - Get Ready


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Warehouse 7/10 Volume 2 - 13 March 2014.

"We are excited to announce the track listing of the annual Warehouse CD and have been searching through the archives for rarities and great performances. For the 2013 package, we will be offering a Warehouse 7 CD to members that have been with us for 3 years or less and a Warehouse 10 CD to members that have been with us for more than 3 years. The membership package will also include a set of custom DMB Fire Dancer ear buds. An exclusive photograph will be posted on the Warehouse website for download. Members that hit their 15-year mark in 2013 will also receive a ticket collector album! Please visit the Warehouse website to double check that your mailing address is correct. Membership packages are sent via US Mail. After logging in, click on the “MY INFO” link in the upper right hand corner of the home page.

Track Listing:

GOOD GOOD TIME 7.10.04 Hersheypark Stadium, Hershey, PA 

BELLY BELLY NICE 9.7.12 Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, CA with Lasim Richards 

LIE IN OUR GRAVES >> 9.27.94 McIntire Amphitheater, Charlottesville, VA 

MINARETS 9.27.94 McIntire Amphitheater, Charlottesville, VA 

LOVER LAY DOWN 10.29.98 San Jose Arena, San Jose, CA 

ROOFTOP 5.22.13 Austin360 Amphitheater, Austin, TX 

BLUE WATER >> DRUNKEN SOLDIER 6.26.13 Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY 
WAREHOUSE 9.20.00 Sandstone Amphitheatre, Bonner Springs, KS 

SPOON 6.22.13 Klipsch Music Center, Noblesville, IN with Brandi Carlile '

DRIVE IN, DRIVE OUT 9.17.11 DMB Caravan: Randall’s Island Park New York, NY 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Malaysian Airlines MH370: A Modern Day LOST. 12 March 2014.

This event that has occurred is a tragedy.  These comparisons and coincidences are not meant to "poke fun" at the event, or meant to upset any family members of this tragedy.  My prayers go out to anyone still awaiting news about this horrific event.  This article is meant to compare some interesting facts about the fictional 815 and the actual MH370.

Oceanic 815

In the wake of the mysterious tragedy that leaves investigators searching for the missing Malaysian Airlines plane MH370, the comparisons immediately come to mind to the TV show, Lost.
The plane used to represent Oceanic 815 in Lost was a Boeing 777. The ABC website for Oceanic Air had a seating chart for Oceanic 815. The title stated "OCEANIC AIRLINES : Seating Chart 777 : ALL FLIGHTS CANCELLED". At the bottom of the chart are words, "Oceanic 777." This indicates that Oceanic 815 was a Boeing 777.

Two main characters in the show had fake passports. Mr. Eko was one.

And Kate was the other, using Joanna's passport to make herself a fake one.

There were 324 passengers on Oceanic 815.

Oceanic 815 deviated from it's flight path, turned around, and crashed on an island in the Pacific Ocean.

Oceanic 815 disappeared near a mysterious island not on any maps.

Investigators have no idea where to look.

There was an actress on board, Nikki Fernandez, from Expose.

A psychic, Richard Malkin, knew Oceanic 815 would crash. Theories suggest he was possibly working with Jacob, or was being forced by Ben Linus or Charles Widmore to get Claire to the island. Other theories at this link.

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 (MH370)

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared on March 8th, 2014.

The plane was a Boeing 777.

Two people traveling were using fake passports.

According to the manifest, there were 239 passengers.

MH370 deviated from it's flight path, turned around, and disappeared in/around/near the Pacific Ocean.

The plane disappeared near an island not visible on any maps.

Investigators have a large search area and no clear idea where to look.

There was an actor on board, Ju Kun, Jet Li's stunt double.

A Nigerian prophet - TB Joshua possibly predicted the disappearance of MH370.
Between the two flights, how do the numbers factor in to all this?

239 people missing on #MH370. 2x3x9=54. 54 is half of 108. The Lost #’s add up to 108. 4+8+15+16+23+42. 

It's a stretch, but still something to include in this discussion. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

6/1/13 - Blossom Music Center - Next Live Trax? 10 March 2014.

I was digging through DMB code and found this - a shirt with 6/1/13 (Cuyahoga Falls, OH - Blossom Music Center) on it. After checking with people who were at that show, this shirt was apparently not available at the show, which leads me to believe this will be our next Live Trax. 6/1/13 had a solid setlist, and I definitely wouldn't mind it being released. Usually once images are put into code on the server, an announcement comes shortly thereafter, so we'll see if this turns into anything.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dave Matthews Band - Live Trax 4 - Record Store Day 2014.

I've known about this for a while, but it's not like we didn't see it coming. People are starting to report about it publicly so I guess I should talk about it too. Yes, it's official, Live Trax 4 is coming on Record Store Day in a 4 LP, 2,000 pressing release on colored vinyl. Not only that, but in the same vein as Music On Vinyl's Alice In Chains reissue, Live Trax 4 will contain an etching of the Firedancer logo on Side H. Granted, most people could probably care less about that, it's a novelty, and will probably look cool when you're spinning it, but hey, it's something cool.  Remember, this art is concept art, we don't have the official art yet, or know what color the actual vinyl will be.  Brown was the closest thing I could find to that tan banner on the album cover, but I've heard people suggest gold or clear, both of which would look much better than poo-brown.  And as always, if you can't get your hand on one of these, the Warehouse will release a black vinyl edition later on.  With 2,000 copies, I can't imagine this one will be too hard to get.  When they pressed 1,000 each of LT2 and LT3, there weren't many people who couldn't get ahold of them.

If you're not familiar with LT4, 4/30/96 at the Classic Amphitheater in Henrico, VA was the first show of the Crash Tour, and the "Crash Release Show". It was also the first show with the band using the sound system they inherited from Grateful Dead, and the first show to introduce Multi Track Recording. From the Two Step opener to the four song encore, this is definitely going to be a strong release. The test pressings yielded a beautiful, clear sound, so we know the mastering is on point with what we've come to expect from the Archive Series Vinyl from DMB.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hardee's/Carl's Jr - Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich Review. 4 March 2014.

No doubt by now you've seen the ad for Hardee's new Cod Sandwich featuring Nina Agdal. Every year around this time, being Catholic, I switch to a diet of mostly fish. You can see it in Fast Food establishments around the Lent season, most places began primarily featuring fish sandwiches as specials and in commercials. Hardee's is no different.
But I get bored with the usual fried fish sandwich. McDonald's Filet O' Fish is usually on the bottom rung of the taste spectrum, and on the higher end would be Arby's fish sandwich. Until now. This fish sandwich is utterly delicious.
Granted, it looks nothing like the ad. This sandwich, as described by Hardee's, is "A Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fillet, Tartar Sauce, Tomato and Lettuce served on a Honey Wheat Bun." And it tastes great. The grilled fish patty tastes leaps and bounds ahead of the usual bland fried fish patty, the honey wheat bun is also a standout, as well. The tangy tartar sauce blends well with the flavorful fish patty. I just wish they used a better quality lettuce, perhaps leaf lettuce, and cut the tomatoes a little thicker. That being said, this is definitely the best fast food fish sandwich around. I can definitely tell I'll be eating quite a few of these throughout the Lent season, and after if they keep it around.

Johnny Cash - New Johnny Cash Vinyl! 4 March 2014.

The day I've been waiting on is here, and Johnny Cash's work with Rick Rubin on American Recordings is finally being reissued on vinyl. All 6 of these have been remastered, and the process has been personally overseen by Rick Rubin. Each vinyl has been lovingly pressed on heavyweight vinyl. American I: American Recordings, American II: Unchained, American III: Solitary Man, American IV: The Man Comes Around, American V: A Hundred Highways, and American VI: Ain't No Grave are all now available, the best prices I've seen on these so far have been on and 

The American Recordings series, in my opinion, has been some of Johnny Cash's best work since the Sun days.  After having a difficult time finding his way in the new Nashville scene in the 80's, he was approached by Rick Rubin, who was known for heavy metal and rap music, and brought Cash back to his roots, and then took him in a new direction, but still staying true to who he was.  American I-IV were released while Cash was alive, and gained sales, awards and recognition that he had not seen in quite some time.  He recorded roughly 50 tracks before his death, many of which made it to American V-VI, the last two albums released after his death.

Also, very soon to be released is "Out Among The Stars".  This album was recorded during the time I mentioned above, the 80's, when Johnny was finding trouble finding his spot in the new Nashville scene.  Columbia records put Johnny with Billy Sherrill in an effort to help him find his way in the changing musical landscape. These sessions featured Marty Stuart, June Carter Cash and Waylon Jennings. They were never released and locked in the vault until John Carter Cash found them and prepped them for release. I can't wait to hear these, it's definitely a different side of Johnny Cash and I'm looking forward to hearing what it's all about.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

My must buys for Record Store Day 2014. 1 March 2014.

Dave Matthews Band - Live Trax 4.  (This is my own concept art I drafted up, this isn't official art).  Though it hasn't been officially announced yet, we know it's coming. What we do know is that it will have a bigger number pressed this year, estimates put it closer to 2,000 this year. Hopefully this will stop the record flippers on eBay who buy this just to profit on it and allow it to get into the hands of fans, instead. Unsure of what the color will be, but as it usually goes with the color of the text bar on the cover, I'm guessing maybe tan.  Hopefully the mastering will be close to the same as Live Trax 1-3 have already seen, as this is a great album. 4/30/96 at the Classic Amphitheater in Henrico, VA was the first show of the Crash Tour, and the "Crash Release Show". It was also the first show with the band using the sound system they inherited from Grateful Dead, and the first show to introduce Multi Track Recording.  From the Two Step opener to the four song encore, this is definitely going to be a strong release.

BCR is getting pretty creative for Record Store Day 2014. Not only are they releasing an experimental, industrial album of early Shooter Jennings material featuring his father, Waylon Jennings ("Fenixon"), they're releasing something pretty out there that, I must admit, I have to own. "Understanding and Appreciating Classical Music with Ron Jeremy" is coming for 2014's Record Store Day and BCR describes it as, "I bet you didn’t realize that actor Ron Jeremy, well known for his work in certain “underground” films, played the harmonica and was a classical trained pianist did you? This 7″ record finds Ron Jeremy sitting at the piano, discussing and performing classical music as well as mixing in his own sense of humor into the record. Laced with his own sense of blue humor, this is a journey into the mind of Ron Jeremy and into the history of classical music and it’s influence on modern music. Printed on beautiful gold vinyl with packaging designed by Keith Neltner."

As I mentioned above, an experimental album with Waylon & Shooter Jennings called "Fenixon" is also coming for Record Store Day 2014. BCR describes it as, "Waylon Jennings has always been known for his disregard of mainstream pop music and fearlessness when it came to breaking new ground, but with “Fenixon” Waylon’s body of work will receive a brand new facet! In 1995, Waylon and his then-sixteen-year-old-son Shooter Jennings constructed an album that blended the music and influences the father, and the modern musical tastes and influences of his son. Composed mostly by Shooter himself, “Fenixon” includes originals, as well as covers of some of the elder Jennings’ catalog of music, and some unexpected covers as well! This was the only time the two collaborated together, and for the first time the album will be released in it’s entirety on beautifully white vinyl, with beautiful packaging and illustrations by Keith Neltner. Listeners by warned: This is an Industrial type album and is not intended for older Waylon fans who may be expecting a country album. This is the most experimental Waylon ever got in his career and hopefully will who a side of his fearlessness previously left unturned. This is a BCR Los Angeles release." I listened to a lot of Waylon growing up, mainly because my dad was so into it, and I've always been a Shooter fan. This album just sounds like the right mix of uniqueness to make it one of my favorites of 2014.

Oasis, on the heels of re-releasing "Definitely Maybe", is also adding a RSD 2014 release, "Supersonic", a 12" single. The original 1994 UK Supersonic 12" single had the following tracklisting: Supersonic, Take Me Away and I Will Believe (Live). This is the art from that release, who knows if it'll change or what the final tracklisting will be. But this is something I'm definitely interested in owning.
The Dresden Dolls self titled release from 2003 (2004 when they signed to Roadrunner) has never been pressed to vinyl until now, and a release for RSD 2014 has been announced as well, which I'm quite excited about. Amanda Palmer is insanely talented, and this album was a great showcase of her early work.
For the 20th anniversary of "Far Beyond Driven", Pantera is re-releasing this on vinyl for Record Store Day. This is probably one of my favorite Pantera albums, and one I'm really looking forward to owning. added this recently to their RSD 2014 list. They say, “Limited, numbered edition of 3,000 copies. RSD exclusive, pressed on blue vinyl. Johnny Cash’s debut album and the first ever LP release from Sun Records.” I'm a huge JC fan, so this is definitely on my must have list.
This isn't the actual artwork, just something I made up real quick. has added some info about this upcoming release that I'm quite excited about! "This limited edition compilation LP was curated from the classic Sun Records catalog by participating Record Store Day stores. It features songs from notable artists like Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, and Howlin Wolf. As a Record Store Day 2014 exclusive, it’s limited to 4,000 copies worldwide." 

The track list looks like this: 

SIDE A: Carl Perkins Blue Suede Shoes 
The Kirby Sisters Red Velvet 
Willie Nix Baker Shop Boogie 
Roy Orbison Ooby Dooby 
Howlin’ Wolf Oh Red 
Malcom Yelvington Drinkin’ Wine Spodee O Dee 
Charlie Rich Who Will the Next Fool Be 

SIDE B: Jerry Lee Lewis Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On 
Rufus Thomas Bear Cat 
Big Memphis Marainey Call Me Anything, But Call Me 
Little Junior’s Blue Flames Feelin’ Good 
Billy Lee Riley Red Hot 
Sonny Burgess Red Headed Woman 
Brother James Anderson I’m Tired My Soul Needs Restin