Thursday, February 20, 2014

1960's Batman TV Series FINALLY gets a home release. 20 February 2014.

Holy Blu Ray, Batman, the classic 1960's Batman TV Series is getting a DVD/Blu Ray release, finally! Batman popularity is definitely on the rise so this is great timing. There was recently a re-release of the classic TV series toys, the Batman '66 comic series is in stores and Batman is celebrating his 75th year in the world of pop culture.

The news came from Conan O'Brien's Twitter. I couldn't be more excited.  For years, I've had to rely on subpar video files to get my classic Batfix, or reruns on cable.  So, what took Batman so long to come to home video? Basically the short version is that it's an issue over the rights.  There's a lot of good info at, but I don't want to get too technical/legal with it.

It appears now, with this recent announcement, that all that has been somehow worked out.  I'm sure more news will come soon about how exactly this happened.  I am more than excited to finally enjoy this classic show on Blu Ray.  I know I'm not alone in saying this, but in my mind, there's only one Batman, and it's Adam West.  So it's great that he's finally getting a release to a medium that can be accessed by more people, and exposed to a new generation of Batfans.  No release date is known at this time, but I'm sure it'll be this year sometime.  Time to do the Batusi and celebrate!

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